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All of the following patient testimonials were written by actual patients at Judge Chiropractic Center West. All of our patients receive personalized, expert health care by the staff and doctors at our Center. Each patient experienced significant improvements in their health and overall well-being. In some cases, the patients had nagging health issues that traditional medicine had been unable to resolve, yet we were able to provide them relief using the 6 Steps to Wellness.

Please take a moment to read the testimonials below to see an example of how delighted our patients are with the care and results they receive from our doctors and staff at Judge Chiropractic Center West. You can receive results like this, too! Be delighted! Come visit us!

Angie S. - Constipation, weight loss

Bea B. - Shingles & digestive ailment

Bridget S. - Canker sores in a child

Carol T. - Chronic Back pain

Diane B. - Chiropractic instead of Back Surgery

Ione B. - Life long allergies

Marlys H. - Foot Neuropathy

Mary M. - Poor Sleep, migraines & back pain

Nancy B. - Nausea

Suzy P. - Digestive problems & anxiety

Tammy E. - Severe arthritis of hips

Wanda D. - Acid reflux & hernia

Wendy W. - Gastrointestinal problems, low energy, overweight, arthritis & insomnia

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I had very bad allergies, neck and back pain from car accidents and falls. I have suffered with these for years.
The doctors and staff at Judge Chiropractic Center West showed concern for not only my pain but my overall health. They tried new technology and are always learning new things to help their patients.
Since starting chiropractic care my allergy suffering has improved over 50%. I don't understand the technology but it really works! Also the pain in my back and neck is almost completely gone. I have learned that maintenance in the key to staying pain free.
My sister told me about Dr. Jodi. She also comes on a regular basis to keep pain free. I am always telling people they should come. Don't think you'll be pain free in one visit, it took years to get in bad shape for me, but Dr. Jodi has done wonders for my pain and my allergies.- Lennie Karpola

My friend referred me to Dr. Jodi because I was having dificulty hearing- a year after having surgery to repair a hole in my eardrum.
Dr. Jodi and her staff were wonderful! Dr. Jodi looked not at my ear, but what was going on with my whole body- inside and out. She looked for the cause of my ear problems, not just the symptoms.
My eardrum is 100% better, but more than that, my whole body is healthier. I like Dr. Jodi's natural approach and feel like I get more quality care here than with my regular doctor.
I would advise anyone with a similar condition to come see Dr. Jodi and take her advice, it's well worth it.- Heather Breedlove

I spent two years after a fall going to several doctors with a painful rotator cuff tear. The result of the injury over time apparently caused ligaments and muscles to atrophy.
I first went to Dr. Bob Martin who recommended a kiniesiologist for my type of condition. That brought me to Judge Chiropractic Center-West and Dr. Jodi. She gave me laser therapy, which I feel has really helped with the pain. Dr. Jodi also gave me other therapeutic activities plus Kool-N-Fit (a pain relieving liquid that I apply daily). Another supplement she prescribed was a natural magnesium supplement called Calm, it's great, I take it everyday.
My progress after having only 10 treatments has been excellent. This form of chiropractic is for me. It has not only helped my arm and shoulder but also the pain in my neck. My advice would be to see a chiropractic physician who deals in massage therapy, physiotherapy with applied kiniesiology like Dr. Jodi. She is very knowledgeable and likeable. Both my husband and myself highly recommend her. We make sure to visit her routinely every fall when we return to Arizona.- Charlotte Vasilatos, Age 84

I came to see Dr. Jodi after my friend Jana referred me. At only 24 years old with more than a full work and school schedule I was beginning to feel more like 42. On the run I didn't always make the wisest choices.
After talking to Dr. jodi she helped me see the possible and ongoing consequences if I didn't start changing some things. I am getting to where I want to be (with still a long way to go). I din't realize that a simple office visit would shed light on so many other things that were affecting me. I feel it is so much more than just Chiropractic care. It is All Over Wellness Care!
If you feel the same way, why wouldn't you give yourself the opportunity to start feeling better? Seeing Dr. Jodi is the best money you'll ever spend.- Irma Rubio

An ankle injury, fatigue, intense sinus headaches,and indigestion brought me to Judge Chiropractic Center-West. Along with chiropractic adjustments the doctors and staff here supported me with a positive attitude while recommending nutritional changes along with moderate exercise. They especially encouraged me to quit drinking coffee.
The progress I have made is huge!! No coffee and more protein has resulted in better sleep and better digestion. I no longer have sinus issues. Getting adjusted regularly and regular exercise also helps my ankle, back, neck, and knees. I receive superb care by Dr. Jodi and the front office is great too! I would encourage anyone seeking help for the same conditions to make the recommended behavioral changes, be patient and take one day at a time. -Philip Tannenbaum

I'm a 53 year old woman who was plagued with multiple menopausal symptoms and adrenal fatigue for 7 years. I experienced hot flashes, low energy levels, memory fog, joint and body aches, night sweats, and inability to sleep. After a friend referred me to Dr. Jodi, I've finally found relief from these symptoms. After getting a saliva hormone profile, Dr. Jodi worked out my personal bioidentical formula for hormone balance. I've been relieved of all my menopausal symptoms and feel 10 years younger. - Irene Secrist

My name is John and I am a sheet metal worker. I came into the clinic for back problems with shoulder pain. My pain was preventing me from functioning normally, especially after I suffered from a stroke. The treatment I received worked immediately. My life has changed by being pain free and being able to function in a more normal way. My shoulder's range of motion is also much better. I would strongly recommend to anyone that if they are having a problem walking, bending or moving in a normal manner that they should call for a consultation and get relieved. Everyone at the clinic is there to help and does so very efficiently.- John


Ear Infections & Nutritional weight gain
Success story for Maile
My name is Jenny, mom to 18-month-old Maile Mons. She was born 6 weeks early on 3/15/2006 at 3 lbs. 4 oz. Due to her premature birth, she was hospitalized for 3 weeks and required more medical attention than a full term baby. The first 10 months of being a first time mom were sleepless and challenging.
Maile had a weak immune system, reoccurring ear infections, and an immature digestive system. She was the baby who was always crying, never sleeping, always sick and only had bowel movements every 10-14 days. Due to her irregular bowel movements, she wouldn't eat because she was uncomfortable and was not gaining weight well. I could hardly stand it. Her pediatrician began to recommend a gastroenterologist and ear specialist with the possibility of surgery. The idea of surgery and her stay in a hospital any longer was hard to bear.
A friend of mine recommended Dr. Jodi. With Dr. Jodi's help, Maile has never had another ear infection and has bowel movements daily. Her teething with molars along with her constantly having colds was a recipe for ear infections. Slight adjustments, a nutritional evaluation, and some homeopathic and herbal remedies cured her of her ear infections. The second biggest challenge, her digestive system and inability to gain weight came to end shortly after our first visit with Dr. Jodi as well. Dr. Jodi used kinesiology to determine foods that should be eliminated from her diet as well.
THANKS DR. JODI. I now have a happy toddler everyone enjoys being around. Thanks so much for helping her to be the happy baby she always wanted to be!!-Jenny Mons 9/13/07

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