Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

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Principles Behind this Weight Loss Method:

  • A medically developed ketogenic weight loss and weight management program
  • 3 phase protocol
  • Lose FAT not MUSCLE
  • Exercise not required
  • Effective and Affordable
  • Lose 2 to 6 pounds per week

This program started in Europe in the 1970’s to improve performance of professional athletes. It was redesigned for (non-athletes) in 2008 and came to America.

Our clinic has been doing this program since 2008 and has had over 1,200 successful dieters. Many of them losing over 50 pounds!

Initial Start-Up fee:

 $350.00 which includes:

1. First initial consultation-Establish objectives and goals

2. Biometric body composition analysis with printed reported ($30 value)

3. Starter Kit- IP bag, Shaker cup, Informational folder, and mini salt

4. Start Pictures

5.  Access to the Ideal Protein education platform and app for patient videos, recipes, and tips

6. 1 free detox foot baths certificates (value $40)

7. Free 15-minute consultation with Doctors 

8.  FAT BUSTER shot! (value $35)

On-going Costs:

1. Monthly Membership Cost: $75.00 auto drafted monthly ($18.75 weekly) $125.00 value includes:

Weekly one on one visits with coach ($20.00 value)

Bi-weekly Computerized Body Composition with printed report ($30 value) 

One monthly Fat Buster Shot ($35.00 value)

One free Detox Footbath($40 value)

2. Weekly Food: $60.00 to $120.00 (HW. v IP.)

3. Mandatory Vitamins: Every 6 weeks-$98.00  (Essential for this program. We use high quality pharmaceutical grade products.) 

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