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We provide a high level of diagnostic and treatment services to help your specific condition.

The Journey to a Healthy You...

When you come to our clinic, we will address all of the negative factors that are affecting your health. We evaluate your body individually to create a health program just for your body.


Adjustments: Spinal evaluation and treatment using Applied Kinesiology techniques, manual adjusting, specialized instruments and drop table assists.

MyoFascial Trigger Point and Dry Needling: Dry Needling (percutaneous therapy) is used for the reduction of pain and spasm, myofascial restrictions or impaired function. Most patients feel very little discomfort as needles are inserted, and many feel complete relief with only 3-6 treatments. 

Cambridge Brain Assessment: Using a leading web-based platform for the assessment of cognitive function we are able to analyze age related memory loss, TBI, and concussion and form an appropriate home based intervention, with periodic re-testing. 


Massage: We offer Swedish massage, deep tissue therapeutic sessions and medical and sports rehab. 15, 30- and 60-minute options. 

Cold Laser Therapy: Low level laser therapy is a safe, invasive, painless procedure that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, swelling and promote faster healing. 

Ultrasound and e-Stim: Traditional physiotherapy procedures to address soft tissue injuries and promote speed healing.

Power-Plate:  Premium whole body vibration machine. Benefits include improved muscle strength, flexibility, balance, bone density, neurology and blood circulation. Used by professional athletes, physical therapist, Olympians and even actors for health improvement. 


Evaluation & Blood Lab Review: We use strict criteria to evaluate the results of your in-house testing, blood labs and other diagnostics. You will receive a comprehensive report 

Cellular Cleanse Detoxification Footbath: Safe, effective and painless. This is a non-invasive method of eliminating heavy metals and other body toxins within 23-40 minutes. 

Ideal Protein Ketogenic Weight Loss Program: Fast, effective, medically supervised program, with a beginning, middle and end. No shots. NO drugs. Lose 2 -6 pounds per week. NO exercise required. 

Genetics/DNA review: Variants in methylation pathways can lead to chronic illness and disease. Using an easy saliva sample we can tailor your nutrition plan for your genetic profile. 

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